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"Let's model me a mine"


Mining & Exploration Geological Modelling Services

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About MEGS_Log

All too often projects can be dumped due to the "garbage in/garbage out" syndrome. Good quality exploration data is the key to geological confidence and ultimately the success of a project.

The MEGS_Log program is a tool used by MEGMS to facilitate quick and accurate processing of bore logs. This software can be purchased directly from MEGMS.

MEGS_Log is a Windows-based graphics application designed for use by exploration and mine geologists. Created to allow easy manipulation and interpretation for correction of Prolog or comma delimited files with associated down-hole geophysical data, MEGS_Log’s main features include:

  • Interactive Borehole Visualisation – allowing you to rapidly scroll up and down a graphic depiction of a borehole and compare two boreholes side by side.
  • Interactive Geophysics Visualisation – viewing of multiple LAS files alongside the borehole graphics, and offsetting of traces to correct for an inaccurate starting level of a geophysical tool.
  • Interactive Borehole Editing – graphical adjustment of the borehole using tools to create or move boundaries, set rock types, delete and insert units.
  • Seam Correlation, Sample Numbering, Printing of borehole graphics and geophysics.

Edits and corrections made in MEGS_Log are saved back to the original Prolog or CSV data file, producing a completely adjusted log.

Getting MEGS_Log

See the MEGS_Log download page in order to download the latest version.

You can install MEGS_Log to try it out without a licence. Some features, such as saving boreholes, may be limited until you get a licence that covers the installed version.

Users with an existing licence can check their support expiry date from within the MEGS_Log application under the Help > Licence menu item.

Perpetual licences of MEGS_Log, including one year of phone and email support and one year of access to updates, are available for AUD $2200, including GST. Discounts apply for multiple copies. Short term rentals are also available.

For more information about MEGS_Log, refer to the online documentation for the current release, or contact MEGS_Log support.

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