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"Let's model me a mine"


Mining & Exploration Geological Modelling Services

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The GEOLOGICAL services provided by MEGMS comprise database establishment and maintenance, and the computer modelling of deposit structure and quality/grade.

No modelling job is too big or too small for MEGMS. All facets of data manipulation can be catered for, from simple encoding of exploration drill logs to output of deposit models for use in a variety of mining software packages.

MEGMS has a Mincom software licence for the Minescape, Stratmodel and GDB modules.

Geological database creation can be done by MEGMS within GDB, including definition of customized dictionaries and stratigraphic or ore zone sequences. Borehole information can be imported from pre-existing datasets, and new data from drilling programs is easily incorporated via updates.

Stratmodel is generally used by MEGMS for coal projects requiring gridded seams with associated raw or washed coal quality models. Stratigraphically domained mineral deposits, however, can also be catered for using Stratmodel.

Detailed coal seam correlations, ore zone and fault interpretation work are specialty services provided by MEGMS. This type of work can be undertaken for the establishment of regional geological settings or for detailed working horizon/orebody selection.

Marianne Harvey can assess geological confidence for the classification of base metal and coal resources, and can provide estimations of resource quantities from deposit models for reporting in accordance with the JORC Code.

The MINERAL PROCESS modelling activities of MEGMS comprise the provision of technical advice to mineral processing projects both in Australia and overseas. This technical advice is predominantly in the specialist area of numerical modelling of the leaching of copper ores and the modelling of associated processing plants.

Activities include the analysis of data from small scale laboratory tests conducted by the client and third parties; analysis of data from larger scale field tests conducted by the client; analysis of data from the client's operating plants; the development and fitting of various numerical models (including models initially developed by the client) to the various forms of data; and then the application of those models to assist in the design and operation of the client's plants and the planning of future laboratory and field test work.