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Frequently asked questions

Below are answers some commonly asked questions raised by MEGS_Log customers (and in a few cases, MEGS_Log developers who get confused at times too...).

Settings don't appear to be being saved between MEGS_Log sessions

Make sure that you have the "Remember MEGS_Log settings between sessions" setting checked on the Settings Tab in the Options Dialog Box.

Settings may also not be saved if you do not have the necessary access permissions to the MEGS_Log registry key (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MEGMS\MEGS_LogĀ 3.0). This may be the case in some relatively restrictive IT environments.

When opening the example CSV file "example.csv" there are warnings or errors about invalid thicknesses

The example.csv file provided with MEGS_log should be opened with the "No interval level records" CSV import setting, otherwise depth and thickness inconsistency problems occur.