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Mining & Exploration Geological Modelling Services

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List of short-cut keys

Short-cut keys are only available from within the main MEGS_Log window, unless otherwise indicated.

Key Command
i Zoom in
o Zoom out
Ctrl-C Copy (generally available)
Ctrl-F Toggle Fine Scroll
Ctrl-N Create a new hole
Ctrl-O Open a hole
Ctrl-P Print
Ctrl-R Refresh the screen
Ctrl-S Save the current hole
Ctrl-V Paste (generally available)
Ctrl-Shift-V Paste Special
Ctrl-Z Undo
Insert Toggles between Overwrite and Insert mode
Ctrl-Insert Copy (generally available)
Shift-Insert Paste (generally available)
F1 Context sensitive help (generally available)
F2 Create Boundary
F3 Pick and Drag
F4 Set Rock
F5 Merge
F6 Insert
F7 Set Base Depth
F8 Correlate/Sample Number
F9 Delete
Esc Normal Mode, then progressively cancels the selection
Ctrl-Up Scroll the display up
Ctrl-Down Scroll the display down
Up Select the unit above the current unit
Down Select the unit below the current unit