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How to change the appearance of geophysical traces

MEGS_Log does not allow you to edit geophysical traces, it only allows you to display them. However, you can change the appearance of each trace on the MEGS_Log display.

Many of the commands for changing the appearance of traces are available from the Trace pop-up menu - displayed when you right click on a trace or on the trace range and name at the bottom of the trace field. Some of these commands can also be found under the View menu - select the trace by left clicking on it and then apply the command.

Some of the commands available are:

When a trace file is first opened, defaults are applied to the appearance of each trace based on settings in the config file. These defaults are based on the name of each trace. You can edit these settings to change the defaults to suit you preferences.

The Trace Manager allows you to open and close trace files and change the appearance of all traces from within the one dialog box. To display it select Trace Manager under the File menu. In addition to the settings described above you can also change the minimum and maximum range of the display for each trace.