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About the MEGS_Log configuration file

Customisation of MEGS_Log is carried out by editing the MegsLogConfig.txt file. This is a plain text file installed in the MEGS_Log program files directory (by default C:\Program files\MEGMS\MEGS_Log) that can be edited using a program such as Notepad. You may need to be an administrator of the local computer in order to edit this file.

The first line of the config file must be the line Megslog Configuration v3. Subsequent lines that start with a # are comments. Case is not significant, however the case used in the configuration file will be preserved for items that are displayed within MEGS_Log.

The config file is broken up into a number of sections. Each section starts with the section name, and is delimited by curly braces {}. Each section customises a particular aspect of MEGS_Log. There is no prescribed order, however some sections that contain definitions of items that are used by later sections need to appear first.

When MEGS_Log is started it looks for the config file in the following places in order:

You can edit the configuration file by clicking the Edit configuration file buttion on the Settings tab of the Options dialog box. This command edits the copy of the configuration file in the users application data directory. If the configuration file is not in that directory then the configuration file from the same directory as the MEGS_Log executable is first copied across.

The user's application data directory is the recommended directory for user customised versions of the configuration file, as a configuration file in the same directory as the MEGS_Log executable may be overwritten when updates are made the MEGS_Log application.

You can refer to the comments in the default configuration file that is installed in the same directory as the MEGS_Log executable for more information on the content and format of the configuration file.

See also:

About Client mode

By setting a particular registry key your system administrator can specify that MEGS_Log should operate in Client mode. In client mode, MEGS_Log only checks for a configuration file in the same directory as the MEGS_Log executable and functions within MEGS_Log that allow editing of the configuration file are disabled.