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About MEGS_Log licencing

The standard form of MEGS_Log licence is known as a "single" licence. At the licencees option, this permits either:

Licencees can change their licence option, or the single person or single machine that the licence applies to, up to four times over any contiguous twelve month period.

Site or organisation wide licences are also available, with use boundaries specific to each licence.

MEGS_Log licencing is enforced through the use of a text licence key in combination with on-line activation. If MEGS_Log is run without a valid licence key on the machine running MEGS_Log, then only limited MEGS_Log functionality will be available. Specifically the user will not be able to save changes made to boreholes or to print boreholes.

Typically a MEGS_Log licence is a perpetual licence that entitles access to the version of MEGS_Log current at the time of purchase. With each perpetual licence purchase comes a period of support, that entitles the licencee to any upgrades to MEGS_Log that might be released during the support period. Once the support period has expired, the licencee can continue to run the versions that were available during their support period indefinitely. Extensions to the support period can be purchased.

Some MEGS_Log licences are time limited leases. These are generally associated with demonstration licences or some sort of short term requirement. During the time limit the licencee has access to any available version of MEGS_Log. After the time limit expires only limited functionality will be available, regardless of when the installed version of MEGS_Log was released.

Licence control for some pre-existing users is by means of a hardware dongle, called a Sentinel Key. With this form of licence control, the licence simply follows the Sentinel key. Again, both perpetual and time limited licences are available with the Sentinel key control.

Users with a Sentinel key that have current support can either continue to use their Sentinel key or can exchange their key for a text licence key.

If you have a sentinal key and want to extend your support period or extend a time limited licence see How to update your MEGS_Log licence or support. If you have a text licence key, simply contact MEGS_Log support.

If you have a licence key or Sentinel key for MEGS_Log you can use the Licence command under the Help menu to show the MEGS_Log Licence Information dialog box to obtain more information about the licence.

For more information about MEGS_Log licencing, contact MEGS_Log support.