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About schemas

MEGS_Log uses schemas to define the order and type of fields present within some borehole file formats.

Schemas are named and defined using the MEGS_Log config file or the Schema Editor. You can also use the schema editor to import schemas from Prolog 4.x files.

Schemas supplied with MEGS_Log

The config file installed with MEGS_Log contains a number of example schemas:


Each field in a schema has a type that determines how MEGS_Log should process the data for that field. Some fields types are only relevant for unit properties, while other field types are relevant for bot units and element properties.

A schema that is valid for use by MEGS_Log must contain at least:

Schemas that are not valid are ignored by MEGS_Log.

A schema may over-specify the depth to the bottom of each unit, for example by including both bottom and top fields. In this case MEGS_Log will check the over-specified information when loading a borehole and report errors if the values in the fields do not reconcile (for example, if the bottom of a unit is not the same depth as the top of the underlying unit).

If you want to use MEGS_Log to label units with seam names, or seam and ply names, then the schema for the borehole must have seam, or seam and ply fields.

Similarly, if you want to use MEGS_Log to label units with sample numbers, then the schema for the borehole must have a sample field.

Schemas and Prolog

When working with Prolog files there are some additional restrictions on schemas: