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About editing with the mouse and Editing Tools

MEGS_Log has two different styles of editing boreholes with the mouse. With the first style (using Normal Mode) you use the shift, control and alt keys to control the editing actions. With the second style (using Editing Tools) you change the Editing Tool using the function keys.

You can use either style interchangeably.

Normal Mode

In Normal Mode, the following editing actions apply:

Editing Tools

This style of editing is similar to that provided with previous versions of MEGS_Log. With this style you select an Editing Tool using the function keys or a menu command under the Tools menu, and then select the unit or position within the borehole field with which to operate on. Once an Editing Tool is selected it stays in effect until you explicitly change it. The current tool is given in the MEGS_Log status bar, and also by the mouse cursor when you move the mouse within the MEGS_Log window.

The editing tools available are:

You can exit the current Editing Tool and return to Normal Mode at any time by repeatedly pressing the Escape key (multiple presses might be required if a unit or bore is currently selected).