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How to update your MEGS_Log licence or support

If you don't have a MEGS_Log licence, or your licence is being controlled through a text licence key, simply contact MEGS_Log support to have a new licence key issued. A fee may be payable in advance of the key being issued.

Otherwise the following information only applies if you have an existing (though perhaps expired) Sentinel key, and you don't wish to move to text key based licence control.

The Sentinel key that enforces the MEGS_Log licence is encoded at the time of purchase with the support expiry date (in the case of perpetual licences) or the licence expiry date (in the case of time limited licences). If you want to extend your support period or your licence expiry date then you will need to update the information encoded in the licence key.

To update the Sentinel key:

  1. Contact MEGS_Log support to discuss your support extension or licence expiry date extension. A fee may be payable in advance of completing the extension request.
  2. With your existing Sentinel key plugged into the computer, start MEGS_Log. Under the Help menu select Licence.
  3. Click the Request support extension or the Request licence extension button (the text on the button changes depending on the type of MEGS_Log licence previously encoded into the key). If the button is disabled then MEGS_Log has not been able to read the licence key, or the licence key does not contain a MEGS_Log licence that can be extended - contact support.
  4. You will be presented with a dialog box to select a file in which to store information about the licence key. If you don't provide an extension then ".req" will be automatically added.
  5. Forward the file saved in the step above to MEGS_Log support by email.
  6. Support will use the information in the file to generate a licence update file, which they will send back to you via email. This process may take a few business days.
  7. Save the licence update file (with extension ".upw") in the email from MEGS_Log support to your computer. With the same Sentinel licence key in the computer that was used to generate the licence request, start MEGS_Log and under the Help menu select Licence.
  8. Click the Update licence key button. When prompted, select the licence update file.
  9. MEGS_Log will load the new licence information into the Sentinel key. If you receive an error message then contact MEGS_Log support. Otherwise the licence key is ready for use with the new licence details.

See About MEGS_Log licencing for more information.