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          1. Copyright notice and licence agreement

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          4. Concepts in MEGS_Log

          5. How to carry out common tasks within MEGS_Log

          6. Menus and commands

            1. File menu commands

            2. Edit menu commands

            3. View menu commands

            4. Tools menu commands

            5. Help menu commands

            6. Borehole popup menu commands

            7. Trace popup menu commands

            8. System menu commands

              1. Restore command (System menu and title bar button)

              2. Move command (System menu)

              3. Size command (System menu)

              4. Minimize Command (System menu and title bar button)

              5. Maximize command (System menu and titlebar button)

              6. Close command (System menu and title bar button)

          7. Window elements and dialogs

          8. List of appendices

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System menu commands

The system menu is displayed by clicking on the small MEGS_Log icon in the top left hand corner of the MEGS_Log window.

Restore Return the window to its size and position prior to Maximise or Minimise.
Move Move the window.
Size Change the window size.
Minimize Reduce the window to an icon.
Maxmize Enlarge the window to fill the screen.
Close Close MEGS_Log.