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              1. Relabel Sample Numbers command (Tools menu and Toolbar)

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              4. Set Rock command (Tools menu and Toolbar)

              5. Merge command (Tools menu and Toolbar)

              6. Insert command (Tools menu and Toolbar)

              7. Set Base Depth command (Tools menu)

              8. Correlate command (Tools menu)

              9. Delete command (Tools menu)

              10. Normal command (Tools menu)

              11. Options command

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Tools menu commands

The Tools menu offers the following commands:

Relabel Sample Numbers Automatically relabel or resequence sample numbers.
Create Boundaries Enters Create Boundary mode. Existing units can be split into two, or new units can be created below the current bottom of the hole.
Pick & Drag Enters Pick and Drag mode. Boundaries between units can be adjusted with the mouse.
Set Rock Enters Set Rock mode. Unit rock types and proportions can be changed.
Merge Enters Merge mode. Units can be combined together.
Insert Enters Insert mode. New units can be inserted.
Set Base Depth Enters Set Base Depth mode. Boundaries between units can be adjusted with the keyboard.
Correlate Enters Correlate mode. The seam and ply associated with a unit can be changed.
Delete Enters Delete mode. Units can be deleted.
Normal Enters Normal mode. This is the basic operating mode of MEGS_Log.
Options Change MEGS_Log options.