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How to change the seam or ply of a unit

The process of assigning a seam and/or seam and ply name to a unit within MEGS_Log is called correlating.

Before correlating a hole at least one set of valid seam and ply combinations needs to have been specified in the config file, and the particular set that you want to use for correlating the current hole should have been specified using the Project Tab in the Options dialog box, via the Site setting.

If you have not specified a site prior to commencing correlation, then MEGS_Log will prompt you for the site to use.

In Normal Mode

  1. Right click on the area of the unit that you want to change and select Correlate.
  2. Use the Correlate dialog box to specify the new seam and/or ply.

Using Edit Modes

  1. Check to see whether seam and plies are currently being displayed, by looking for no check mark next to the Sample Numbers command on the View menu, or by the sample number toolbar icon Show Sample Numbers toolbar icon not being depressed. If not, then deselect the menu item or click the toolbar icon.
  2. Enter Correlate Mode (press F8, or select Correlate on the Tools menu, or click the Correlate Mode toolbar icon (Correlate toolbar icon)
  3. Use the Correlate dialog box to specify the new seam and ply.