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Open Borehole command (File menu and Toolbar)  Open Borehole toolbar icon

Use this command to open an existing borehole.

If a borehole field is selected then MEGS_Log will load the new borehole into that field. If neither borehole field is currently selected then MEGS_Log will prompt you for the field to use. If unsaved changes have been made to that field then MEGS_Log will prompt you to save those changes.

The Open Borehole dialog box will be displayed to allow you to select the file to open.

After you have selected a file to open, MEGS_Log may prompt you for settings to use when opening that file. You can set defaults for these settings for each type of file using the Options dialog box. MEGS_Log will skip this step if the current settings for the type of file to be loaded are valid, and the relevant Always Ask checkbox has been deselected.

For help on the settings applicable to each file type see:

The short-cut key for this command is Ctrl-O.

You can create new boreholes with the New Borehole command.